Trap-A-Hero: An NPC’s Journey to destroy the Heroes.

In an RPG world ravaged by gangs of marauding heroes in pursuit of the Big Evil, one NPC makes a stand.

Play as Pez, an NPC tired of Heroes invading his home only to steal and destroy all of his worldly possessions. Use cunning stealth and devious traps to fight off the waves of Heroes entering your house. Plant and activate traps that you have created around your house, all the while not arousing the suspicion of the heroes which you plot against.

Build up your defenses!

  • Deceive Heroes: Hit them with a wall trap filled with carrots, or pit the Heroes against each other, it’s up to you!
  • Upgradable Home: Progress through the game at your pace, only upgrading when you’re ready for the next challenge and all the benefits they bring!
  • They’re taking everything!: Watch as the Heroes steal everything, from your candles to your closet.
  • Stealthy like a Peasant: Sneak about your home, run when you’re outmatched and hide while that closet is still around.
  • TRAPS, just like the title promised!: Place and experiment with traps, setting off combos to deal devastating damage!
  • Throw Spuds: Throw Spuds.

No matter how you defend your home, it won’t be a Pezant pleasant experience for the Heroes!

  • Trap-A-Hero, now with more stealth!

    Trap-A-Hero, now with more stealth!

    Trap-A-Hero, the turn-based trap-defence game has been undergoing some rather big changes recently. No longer must you wait for the Heroes to end their turn, we're going real-time, becoming a stealth inspired game with a [...]